We were created in the image of God and He wants us to live an abundant life full of energy and vitality.

Are you living a life full of energy and vitality?

  • The Bible has a lot to say about our “spiritual health” but what about our physical health?

    It turns out the Bible has a lot to say about that as well. In reference to food and drink Christ said, “Your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things.” Luke 12:30 (ASV). And after delivering a sermon Christ famously fed the masses with five loaves and two fish. Matthew 14:17. So while spiritual health is preeminent, it’s clear that God cares about our physical health too. And even though we are no longer condemned spiritually by what we eat (Matthew 15:11), it is prudent to hear what the Lord says about how to eat.

  • The complete nutrition course provides vital information about food and food supplements.

    The majority of the course is not religious but the basic principle is Biblical – food is best the way God made it. You can’t avoid some food processing but keep it minimal. The Bible speaks of separating the wheat from the chaff, for example. But the whole grain of wheat is much better for us than bleached, white flour. And while some fruits must be peeled, the whole piece of fruit is better for us than fruit juice. “But thou son of man, …open thy mouth and eat that which I give thee.” Ezekiel 2:8 ASV The Father knows us better than we know ourselves and He knows how we should eat. So we have searched the Bible to glean all the information we can about food. The result is the Eat God’s Way session in the complete nutrition course.

    The focus of the complete nutrition course is food and food supplements, but there are sessions on other important health topics. You will learn the extraordinary benefits of moderate exercise. After all, Jesus and his disciples walked almost every day. There is a complete session on the importance of rest and stress management.

  • We hope you are inspired to share what you learn.

    We offer a teaching manual that makes it easy to sponsor classes in your local churches and social groups. When it comes to health, “Don’t be destroyed for lack of knowledge”. Hosea 4:6